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"At MOSSA GROUP, we specialise in driving manufacturing efficiency, championing waste reduction, and mastering project management. Our mission is clear: to elevate industry standards by streamlining operations, promoting sustainability, and orchestrating transformative projects. Partner with us, and let's redefine what's possible in manufacturing and project excellence."


"At MOSSA GROUP, we're dedicated to revolutionising project management and engineering solutions. Our commitment to Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, and Collaboration drives us to be trusted partners, delivering transformative experiences that exceed expectations."


"Our vision is to lead the manufacturing sector as a dynamic strategic powerhouse. With over four decades of experience, MOSSA GROUP aims to be the go-to partner, elevating organisations through cutting-edge engineering, innovative cost reduction, and a forward-thinking approach."


"At MOSSA GROUP, our goal is clear: consistently deliver unparalleled results. We strive to optimise manufacturing, reduce costs innovatively, and transparently report on measurable improvements at every project phase. With a dedicated team and a proven track record, we aim to be the catalyst for operational excellence in every collaboration."

What We Do


Manufacturing Efficiency:

At MOSSA GROUP, we excel in optimising manufacturing processes, ensuring streamlined operations, and fortifying facility compliance, all aimed at setting new industry standards.

Waste Reduction:

Our dedication to sustainability drives us to champion waste reduction initiatives. By optimising processes and implementing efficient solutions, we not only minimise waste but also streamline labor-intensive tasks. This strategic approach not only safeguards resources and minimises environmental impact but also fosters a more capable and empowered workforce, ready to tackle new challenges and contribute to organisational profitability.

Project Management:

With a focus on transformative experiences, our structured approach to project management guarantees successful execution across diverse sectors, anchored by clear milestones and effective communication.

How We Do it! 

Collaborating closely with clients, we craft bespoke strategies from inception and budgeting to seamless delivery, anchored in our tried-and-tested process.

Precisely define business requirements and document solution specifics.

Employ advanced modelling for process enhancements.

Strategise change management and implementation.

Engage stakeholders fully, supporting BAU resources throughout the project.

Map anticipated outcomes before starting, ensuring user alignment.

Deploy cutting-edge technology for measurement tools.

Harness a diverse network of skilled trades and suppliers.

Industry Case Study Examples


Scope: Design and implement process change on an existing production line to cater for increased volume for local and export markets. 

  • Project installed to AS4024 (Safety)

  • Quality at >98.5%

  • Below budget 

  • Operating cost as per business case 

  • On time

  • Performance monitoring system (OEE >85%)


Scope: Design, build and commission high care powder packing facility.

  • HVAC and Monitoring Software

  • Low, Medium and High Care Zoning

  • Low Residual Oxygen Packaging

  • Anti Counterfeit upgrade – Over label / Laser Coding

  • Performance Monitoring system

  • Fully Automated Packaging Line


Scope: Build a world class facility, upgrade manufacturing capability/capacity, centralised operations. Infrastructure at Design Phase

  • Improve Quality Compliance

  • Productivity / COGs

  • Air and Humidity

  •  OH&S Compliance

  • Cost reduction through automation projects

  • Improved material handling

  • Operator SOPs, training & KPI dashboard

Snacks and Confectionary  

Scope: Build a world class facility in inhouse manufacturing of an imported product.

Localised production to reduce supply chain costs and improve order cycle and reduce COGS.

• Improve supply chain cycle from 6 months (order to delivery) to 6 weeks.

• Remove international freight costs and reduce risk of further delays.

• Improve quality of product

• Improve NPD timeline.

• Reduce finished goods holding


Scope: Design and engineer process line for NPD initiative using array of trades and suppliers to ensure product quality and compliance. 

  • Unique process using exisitng infrastuture and equipment

  • Low cost pilot solution for market testing

  • Collaboration with R&D team to ensure required outcomes were delievered.

  • Collaboration with QA team to ensure compliance for launch. 

  • Monitoring software to ensure line performance and low waste targets were met. 

  • Delivered on budget and on time. 

FMCG (Other) 

With a proven process and over 40 years of experience we have the capability to deliver a diverse range of projects and process improvments to the Australian manufacturing industry. Our process can transform all manufaturing plants to be more competitive through labour and waste reduction. 

Ensuring production teams have structured objectives and measures ensure business outcomes and profitability are delivered on a consistant basis. 

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